About the BSF

The Baltimore Stoic Fellowship is for anyone interested in modern Stoic philosophy as it pertains to day to day living. Using the ancient texts of the great Stoic philosophers we will explore and discuss what it means to practice Stoicism in this day and age. We are not a group of academics or professional philosophers, though they are welcome, but rather a collection of people interesting in living a happier, more meaningful life through the practice of modern Stoicism. And, in case you’re not really sure what stoicism even is, here is good outline by Donald Robertson, teacher and author:

“Stoicism teaches that the goal of life is ‘living in agreement with Nature’. The Stoics took that to mean, not retreating to a quiet life in the countryside, but rather living ‘in accord with virtue’ or excelling as a human being. Living in agreement with our own nature means flourishing and fulfilling our potential, by cultivating reason and thereby achieving strength of character and practical wisdom. The outcome of our actions, whether we achieve external ‘success’ or ‘failure’, is therefore less important than the nature of our own character.”

We meet every other Sunday. See the events calendar for upcoming meetings. Hope to see you soon!